Sister Wife


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today I am grateful for a sister-wife.  It’s no secret that Himself loves to play games and he’s stuck with me, who unless there is a lot of laughter and talking stupid, laced with a little libation, I’m not interested.  He likes to think.  Poor guy.  I don’t.  Lucky me.


I’ve put a call out to my friends to have someone come and play with my husband.  I realize it’s not a request that many wives would make unless they had their bags packed and were on the way out the door with a huge alimony check.  I’m staying.           But still he needs someone to play with.


In conversation I find out that one of my good friends wants to hone her Chess skills.  Voila!!!!  We have a winner.  They played today while I was reading a book/napping outside.  It is so great to have a sister-wife whose only desired happy ending is to “Checkmate” Himself!  Win-win-win.

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