Matt, Alina & Anja photobomber

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Today I am grateful for photobombers.  Sometimes when I’m really tired, like today and I’m trying to zero in on what to write about, I poke through pictures.  I take a lot of pictures with my new phone.  Mostly by accident, but sometimes on purpose.  And half the time I don’t look at all of them, just the ones I need immediately.


Today I was poking and found a classic shot of our son and the baby after her bath when they were at our house.  His oldest daughter is photobombing with her signature sideways glance.  This picture totally defines each one of them.


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One Response to Photobombers

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Its a great picture! The baby is precious….. and the BACKGROUND….!!

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