Friday, May 12, 2017

Today I am grateful for reflection.  You must be just about done hearing about my experiences at the Montgomery County Senior Games, but I’m not done sharing, so if you’re sick of me, go watch the news.  Ha-ha!  You stayed, didn’t you?


When we got home after a wonderful but exhausting day, Himself went to his lair upstairs and I went on the computer, which means all is right with the world.  Except I fell asleep with the mouse in my hand and he fell asleep in front of his computer baseball game.  It’s a good exhaustion.  We are party animals if sloths party.


I wanted to participate in the games last year but in January I wound up in the hospital with asthma and in early April I had double hernia surgery.  That silly, simple surgery set me back with one complication and infection after another, sapping the energy out of my soul and almost causing me to lose my sunny disposition.


When my grandma said so many years ago, “Nah, ja!  I just don’t bounce back as fast as I used to.  I’m tuckered for much longer these days.”  I used to laugh.  It isn’t so funny now.  Because it’s true.  I believe it was not really until January that I started feeling normal most of the time.  Oh I felt okay sometime, but every so often a wave of exhaustion would overtake me, insisting I rest.  Now I can push it a little.


And I’m glad I pushed it at the senior games.  What a great bunch of people.  From the planners to the volunteers, to the participants, to the vendors, it was a great experience.   I collected more junk from the vendors today, than most kids get when they trick-or-treat.  I still have to sort it out, but not until tomorrow.


I didn’t go to the pool today, but no worries there.  Instead of that workout I participated in the Zumba demonstration and Silver Sneakers Yoga, which probably don’t sound like a big deal, but they about killed me.  I die a lot when I’m exercising.  Have you noticed?


I was very happy that there were tickets available for the lunch we were told was full, so that was a blast, too.  Representative Kate Harper asked us to begin the luncheon/awards ceremony by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Oh boy.  I really got choked up.  Our country is in such disarray that it reminded me who we are supposed to be as a nation and give me a break from where we are right now.


When I was at the pool, I distinctly remember a woman taking a picture of me on a horrible angle, out of the pool, sitting, without a cover-up.  I wanted to shove her in for a little dip, but she was gone before I could meander my soggy self over to her and beg she delete that picture.  Well guess what flashed up on the big screen with highlights from the games.  Yup.  Pretty?  Far from it.  But alive! Oh so alive!  And today that’s enough!  Sometimes in life you just have to get over yourself.  I had to do that today.


Reflecting back where you were a year ago can be very cathartic.  Projecting where you want to be a year from now is great for goal setting and dreaming.  But being where you are. . .right  now. . .very happy. . .content. . .despite your cellulite-fish-belly-white-thighs splattered on a jumbo-tron. . . priceless!   I’ll take priceless any day.

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2 Responses to Reflection

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    pictures were great – so many people enjoying (trying to be) athletics/athletes…. more power to them….the inserts were really cute… keep up the good work you make us “broads” look good!!!

  2. marymooney says:

    Thanks, marie. I do what I can to maintain the integrity of the old broad!

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