Alina in the sink

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Today I am grateful for discovery.  I am convinced that as some of us get older our sense of discovery diminishes, or in very rare cases, goes away entirely.  How sad.


We have had our youngest granddaughter here since Thursday night and she is stamping a “heartprint” on us that is indelible.  She discovers something new every second.  I have been living with and looking at my living room furniture for 15 years.  I didn’t realize there were large metal buttons holding the fabric on the arms until she spent twenty minutes flicking them with her index finger.


She lives in a row house South Philadelphia, so unless they go to a park, she doesn’t see too many trees.  Yesterday she watched the rain and wind moving the trees through the large windows of my sunroom.  For hours.  She’d go off and play with something, then they’d move again and her head would snap and she’d stare for another ten minutes.


When grandpa-Himself is eating popcorn she discovers that he’ll pick off the kernel part and feed the puffy part to her like a baby bird.  It’s slowing down his own fist-full pace, but he doesn’t mind.   It’s just like the time I took an older granddaughter to get crab legs and spent the entire meal getting them out of the shell for her and barely had any myself.  Soon he’ll be “closet” eating the stuff out of the sight-line of the toddler-nudge.


Even the drippy stains on the carpet we are going to shampoo as soon as the pollen is done falling, are fascinating to her.  What I think is a pathetic lack of cleanliness, she thinks of as being very interesting.


If reading this leaves you longing in any way, I am sorry.  I know many people don’t get to see their grandchildren often for whatever reasons.  Others would love to be parents, but so far it hasn’t happened and I feel for them.  If that is where you are coming from, then I encourage you to volunteer someplace with little kids, where your presence will be appreciated.  You will not be sorry.


Although I am a little tired from all of the activity in the house, I have barely felt an ache or pain all weekend.  But it is wonderful to see everything through fresh, new eyes, trying to find out what marvelous discovery the next second will bring.

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