i-Phone Camera

Sky & cupcakes 012

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Today I am grateful for the i-phone camera.  Except for some reason the blasted thing has stop talking to “the cloud”,  or sending to “the cloud”, or “the cloud” stopped talking to the phone or receiving from the phone.  Or the whole sky and cyber techno piece-o-frustration stopped talking to me.  And I’m offended!  So I’m not talking to it, either.  Unless it’s in foul language, of which I am a pro, but the stupid cloud doesn’t understand and neither does the i-phone.  You still with me?  I left a while ago.


I have wonderful pictures on my phone for great blog stories.   I want to write about them, but they sit there in the phone blowing raspberries at me and telling me I need to update something but I can’t figure out how to do it and I’m too tired and pissed off to try anymore tonight.  So I’ve resorted to run-on-babbling sentences.  It says I have to plug something in.  Oh boy do I want to plug something in!  Imagine where.  Does “the cloud” even have one?  I’d like to cut it a new one.


Just today I was telling Himself how cool it was that those pictures would be there when I got home.  But they’re not.  They made a liar out of me.  Each of the billion times I try to find them on the damned cloud it just hangs there laughing at me, in the sky or wherever it really is. . .Hell comes to mind. . . but that’s the other direction, where the i-phone camera resides!!!!  When I kick it there.

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