Special Person


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Today I am grateful for special people.  Did you ever hang around someone within a committee or organization that just made you feel good?  Yeah, me, too.  And that’s why today I’m giving a shout out to my Weight Watcher’s leader.


Look, it’s no fun having to write every morsel you eat down in a log; or planning what you’ll have to eat at a party full of yummy, not necessarily on-your-program food; or going on vacation, where healthy options are often few and far between; or being at work when well-intentioned people bring in cakes, breads, boxes of donuts and candy.  Yikes.


We all know that we are not to deny ourselves the foods we love or it will backfire right onto our asses.  There are hundreds of foods that in the past would have been considered taboo on Weight Watchers, but now they are figured in. . .in moderation.  Yeah, moderation.  Ha-ha!  Therein lies the rub.


Food doesn’t speak to skinny people. But to those of us with issues, it doesn’t shut up! Ever.  I know it sounds crazy, but believe me.  On the rare occasion where I might buy a bag of Lays sour cream and cheddar potato chips (last time they were 8 cents at Shop Rite -damn) those suckers will holler at me until I either eat them or pitch them down the garbage disposal.  I keep thinking that one day I will look at the package as more than a single serving, but I haven’t.  So the last time they were screaming at me from the bin in the laundry room where I “hid” them, I served them to my kids on Easter.  And had a few myself.  Then they were gone.  And my butt thanks God.


My Weight Watcher leader understands this drive and more.  She knows that some of us can’t throw something yummy in the trash because we are not above dumpster-diving for it later in the day. . . when no one is watching.  Does the medical profession understand the drive that pulls at some of us as strong as smokers trying to quit, or heroin addicts in rehab?  I doubt it.  Because they don’t have the problem.  But with those addictions you never, ever have to have just a little to live. . .like food.  You can stop them cold turkey.  See, now I want turkey.  Geeze!


A really good leader knows when to back off and let the group run with something.  Ours is a master at this.  I’ve been going for years, with some great success, some not so much and now a renewed resolve.  She has been there through all of it, never judging, always supporting.  And it’s the same with those in my group.  We come and go, yet are always there for each other.  In the past someone asked me why I kept paying for Weight Watchers when I was “off the wagon” anyway.  I told them it was the cheapest, weekly therapy I could afford.  She just gets it.  Because she’s been there and still struggles. I thank God for this special person every day. (Permission given to use her picture from our pre-Easter class.)


But If you happen to see me in a grocery store, standing in front of the Lays display, drooling and breathing heavily, please don’t disturb me.  We are having a moment.


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