Alina looking in the mountainAlina in highchair

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Today I am grateful for babysitting.  Especially when it’s the youngest granddaughter.  I do not get many opportunities to spend large chunks of time with her, but she was here all day today.


She had a huge first, too and spent a few hours in the babysitting room of the YMCA while I taught the kids to swim.  She met some of my friends and while she only cried a little, she did clutch her banky and pacifier with fervency.   That’s okay.  I have days when I wish I had them myself, only I think it translates into ice cream and cake for me, with a splash of vodka.


You can’t play with a one-year-old without getting on the floor.  Swell.  These replaced knees do not like to be knelt on when I try and get up so I have to be very creative with where I sit.  For over two hours (count them, TWO) we played with blocks and a big plastic mountain that every kid who has ever come her has loved.  Himself got it for $5 at a garage sale fifteen years ago.  A bargain.


I snapped a picture of her peeking in the hole, when she learned that something thrown in it would land on the bottom.  That was a 20-minute game.  And, of course, I couldn’t resist the shot of her eating her favorite peanut butter crackers, in the great old high-chair a friend loaned us.


And now, dear readers, I am going to go to bed, at 8:30, where I shall fall into a “grandma coma” and dream that I might be able to walk without a limp tomorrow after spending so much time on the floor today.  Maybe I need a babysitter.  Or traction.  I’ll let you know.

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