A Single Daffodil

Single daffodil with bushes-cropped

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Today I am grateful for a single daffodil.  In the heinous news of the day, with another school shooting; and another child abuser arrested in my area; and attacks on innocent people with sarin gas; and attacks by the USA; and another local man charged with six years of horrible abuse on his own wife and children; and a man being dragged off of a plane for no reason at all; and government officials who have no clue how to be diplomatic not to mention the brains to just shut up once and a while, I decided that today I needed something simple.


I am loving the new i-phone and drive around with it out the window like I used to with the camera.  The only thing is I’m hesitant to point and click because it doesn’t have a leash.  Do the make leashes for phones?  I wonder.  Maybe it’s better that I have to stop to take a picture.  Maybe it’s better that I stop.  Maybe just stopping a little is what we all need.  Stop the infernal communication cycle.  Stop the news.  Yes, please, let’s stop the news.  Stop the noise.  Just stop.


I stopped and took a bunch of pictures of Spring trying to make it happen, but found the simplicity and symmetry of this single daffodil, resting between two bushes and their shadows to be just the peace I need today.  Namaste.

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