Betty Boop

a Betty Boop painting

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Today I am grateful for Betty Boop.  To all of you out there who have been so kind and concerned about my mom, I want you to know she is doing much, much better.  But she’s still my mom.  She loves Betty Boop.  They are the same age.  One has spit-curls, the other is a spit-fire.  I was very happy to hang this painting of Betty that one of my nieces did for her over her bed in the new place.  It’s good to know she is keeping these amazing eyeballs on her.


Now mom told me someone is stealing her sheets.  I don’t think there is an escape plan afoot, so I doubt you would see them knotted up and hanging out a window.  They have little yellow flowers on them, though, so if you happen by Aster, in Cottage Grove Wisconsin and there is an old woman hanging onto them from a second story window, call 911.


It seems that someone who does laundry takes the sheets off of her bed, washes them and comes back later to make the bed.  With someone else’s sheets.  “I never saw those sheets in my life!” says mom.  “And they are ugly gray or green or blue and I hate that color.”  We’ll just let it go that she’s color blind so they could be beige but that’s another story.  My sister confirmed they are not mom’s sheets, too.


So what happened to the sheets with the yellow flowers?  I have no clue.  The laundry people have no clue.  My sister searched and found other sheets, including my mom’s favorite Betty Boop set with the comforter.  Today my mom insisted that my niece take ALL of her Betty Boop bedding home with her.  My niece didn’t particularly want it, but mom is worried that it will go missing and wants her to have it for “safe keeping.”  Sweet.  And a bit neurotic.  And very aged 90, I know.


But I bet if those Boop sheets went missing and they landed on the bed of old Charlie down the hall, he would pitch a fit in short order.  And start tying knots in them and you’d see another geezer escaping out the window clutching Betty’s eyelashes, next to the absconder with the yellow flower roses.  Geeze.

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