Board Games

Monday, April 03, 2017

Today I am grateful for board games.  Sometimes.  Other times I just have nightmares about playing them as a kid because it seemed like they went on forever and ever and ever until I couldn’t bear sitting there anymore and pitched a fit.  I really have to be in the mood.   Hopefully a good mood, but any mood will do.


You see, It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized a Monopoly game can end without it being thrown, houses, money, little iron, thimble, dog, Chance cards, board, houses, hotels and all across the room at your sister.  Who knew?

The other day when I was sitting at the kitchen table opening the mail, Himself walks in with this box and starts setting up a game.  Before I could duck and cover under the linoleum he says, “Wanna play?”  Oh boy.  No thanks.  No.  But he doesn’t ask much so I say, “What is it?”


It’s Monopoly but in Klingon.  What?  Who has this game.  (us) And who even makes such a beast?  (Someone did)  And so I sucked it up and played the stupid game.  I even read the Klingon from the Chance cards to him out loud.  Oh boy did he like that.  But he never told me to stop or he’d quit because he knew that was my goal.  Be irritating enough to get the board thrown at you.  Game over.


Except I won.  Big time.  Owned whatever they called the railroads, Park Place, Boardwalk and more than half of the other locations.  He mortgaged his Klingon ass to try and pay rent to me and I gratuitously offered to buy his mortgaged properties so he could still play.


But it wasn’t enough.  I still won.  Serves him right!  Klingon Monopoly for Worf sake!?

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