A Little Beauty


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Today I am grateful for a little beauty.  It was a soggy, miserable day where the rain stopped every time I was in the house, but drenched me every time I had to go someplace.  Swell


By the time I had to run to get gas and go to the bank in the middle of the afternoon, I was as gloomy as the weather.  Himself went with me and we decided to try and salvage the day and our moods and go see “Beauty and the Beast”.  We both love the story and have seen it live on Broadway and in Melbourne, Australia and watched the video with grandkids (okay, and just us) a bunch of times.


There were not a lot of people in the theater, which suits me just fine.  I hate it when people can’t seem to shut up when the lights dim; it annoys me when people have to push past me a dozen times to pee; if someone, kid or not, is kicking the back of my seat, I’ll give them the evil eye; if you pull out your cell phone I will commit a felony and not a jury in the world would convict me.


Imagine my ire when, during the final dancing scene, as credits were just set to run, I pick up a bright light in my peripheral vision at the far end of the row we were in.  What now!?  I tried not to look.  Who on earth would be so rude?  It continued, the light drawing my eye against my pissed off will.


She was about three.  Her topknot was pulled tight and wrapped with a yellow ribbon.  The long, yellow, glittery dress became as alive as she was, spinning to the music in the light of mom’s cell phone.  Little brown face tipped coyly to her shoulder, eyes wide and looking to the side, arms up over her head in first position, she turned like a ballerina on a music box.  Bliss was written all over her.  And mom.  And me.


As I celebrated her joy, it became my joy, too.  And soon I didn’t want the music to end. . .or her to stop. . .or mom’s phone light to go out.  Whenever I hear anything about the story “Beauty and the Beast”, I will picture her, looking and feeling beautiful, like everyone should, but few do. A real live princess, dancing in a movie theater. BING!  Heartprint!!

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