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Monday, March 26, 2017

Today I am grateful for Ramdan.  Let me explain.  Ramdan was the wonderful young man whom we employed as a houseman when we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Did I want household help?  No.  I wasn’t nuts about having strangers running around my house seeing to my every need.  That sounds good on paper, but I thought it would be invasive.


I was set straight by my good Indonesian friend and landlady, Tati, who said, “But, Meddy.  It is. . .um. . .how you say?. . .expect to you to give job to poor people.”  Made sense to me.  We were making good money living in their country.  The very least we could do to give back is to give some of them jobs.  I know me and how much bitchy women make me crazy,(I live we me, after all) so I decide because I had raised boys, I’d feel more comfortable with all guys.  No romances or moon cycles or whiny nonsense with all men.


So when I was at a household sale and heard the woman who was going back to the states talking English with her houseman, my ears perked up.  “Does your staff have to look for jobs now that you are leaving?” I asked.  She assured me that ALL of them would need to find jobs and that all were good workers.  I asked if she thought Ramdan would want to work with me.  And he did.  Lucky him?  No!  Lucky me!


Every day he cleaned the floors, bathrooms, kitchen, did laundry and ironed.  Was he invasive?  No way!  He was like a strong, willing son, only with a better attitude.  So why am I grateful for him today after all this time?


Because I let our bathroom get filthy enough to look like an Indiana rest stop and today was the day I/we cleaned it.  Thoroughly.  Top to bottom. I was sort of playing a game to see how long it would take Himself to think it was bad enough and pick up a cloth, but as usual he outlasted me.  Is it a game or is he just smart?


So WE cleaned the bathroom.  He did the high stuff and the mirror, with my instruction one where there were streaks so you know how well that went over.  Not!  And the floor was just too filthy to mop.  It needed the close-up touch.  So it was a major pain in my ass. . .literally. . .because I can’t kneel on my bionic knees so in order to clean the floor I had to butt walk and twist and stretch and bend and at one point throw my legs straight up in the air to get around the toidy.  Your welcome.


And that doesn’t include getting back up again, which was another exercise in butt-walking to the bedroom, snatching a pillow off of the bed, rolling my sore, beat up self onto that pillow just so. . . grabbing onto the bed frame like Scarlet O’Hara getting laced into her corset. . . to slowly pull myself up.  Himself was not witness to this or there would be footage on the 11p.m news.  You’re welcome again.


So Ramdan, my dear sweet man.  I am so very, very grateful for all you did for us in Jakarta.  And how soon can you get here?

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One Response to Ramdan

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Mary, can you share him? Or do you know someone who will be willing to help get our house ready to sell? Marge

    Sent from my iPad. Now go and make it a good day”


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