Fortune Cookies

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Today I am grateful for fortune cookies.  I don’t particularly like fortune cookies so I never eat them.  I figure, when there are so many yummy foods out there, why waste the calories on a folded communion wafer.  But I do like the fortunes.


Every once and a while there is a note inside one of the little gems that makes me feel like I’m a kid busting into a Cracker Jack box back in the day when the prizes were worthwhile.  If you can call a decoder ring and a scratch-it pad worthwhile.  FYI- when you’re seven it is.


The first remarkable fortune still lives under curly, peeling tape on the front of my laptop.

The words are barely legible.  I opened the cookie when I was feeling like a wreck from a bad experience on my last job, was out on medical leave and subsequently decided to retire rather than go back into a toxic environment as HR suggested.  Not exactly their words, mine, but you get the drift.  I couldn’t.  And wouldn’t.  Sometimes done is just done!


At that point I had started a journal and began each entry with what I was grateful for that day.  It gave me something positive to look for and focus on.  I was considering starting a public blog, but felt my writing might not be good enough without someone proofing it on a daily basis.  Then I opened the fortune cookie and it said,


“Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity simplicity, and humanity.”


I took it as a sign and if you’re reading this you’ve been stuck with me ever since.

So far it’s worked out better than I could have ever imagined.  I feel more genuine at my core than I’ve ever felt before and I am now a firm believer in fortune cookies.


Imagine my joy the other day when I came upon the little missive pictured.  I hope it works out as well as the last one!

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