Customer Service


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Today I am grateful for customer service.  How rare is that statement?  But there is one organization that we have dealt with that continues to come through even though our contact with them was over fourteen years ago.  Yes, fourteen!


Several times a year there is a little gift dropped off on our porch.  We’ve gotten an herb seed kit, a wind chime, a garden creature, flags for July 4th, and I can’t even remember all of the little thoughtful, tagged gifts we’ve received.  Sometimes I keep them, sometimes I pay them forward to a friend.  But every time I come home and see one I’m am secretly delighted and I know exactly who they are from.  Every time.


We listed our last house with Loretta McKeogh and Paul Bresadola at Long & Foster Realty in Fort Washington, because she had sold my friend, Sony’s, house when it was necessary for her to move into a nursing home.  They did a fantastic job, getting very close to our asking price.  Plus they helped us find where we are currently living.  All at the same time, sacrificing portions of their commission to make it all happen.  I have never forgotten and recommend them to everyone.


I don’t think anyone can top their continuing, years later, ongoing customer service.  No one.  Today I was sitting at the kitchen table coloring when the doorbell rang.  There she was, Loretta herself, delivering the Spring gee-gaw.  She wouldn’t come in because, like Santa, I’m sure she had a billion stops to make, but it was sure good to see her.


Have these little gifts added up to tons of money for them?  I doubt it.  But they are priceless to me.  And that’s good customer service.

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