Saturday, March 18, 2017

Today I am grateful for pop-in-visits.  Our youngest son called us yesterday.  That’s a pretty huge thing to be grateful for in itself.  Those of you with daughters will not understand that statement, but it’s okay.  Those with sons will get it immediately.


He and his two kids were on the way back from skiing in the Poconos and he said, “if the traffic isn’t too bad we might. . .MIGHT. . .stop in.  And if we do we won’t be able to stay too long.”  Always knew how to sell an occasion, that kid.  Disclaimers all around.  Translated, the first part of the statement means. . .(if I feel like stopping I will and it doesn’t have one damned thing to do with the traffic so don’t get your hopes up or your undies in a bundle if we don’t stop because I just didn’t feel like it or the kids are driving me nuts or I just didn’t feel like it.)


The second part translates into. . .(We are only staying a half an hour because we have to get home because we want to be home because my wife is out of town and I want to get these kids home and we are tired from skiing so don’t start planning dinner or some big furniture moving expedition or ask me to paint a wall or replace a smoke detector battery or do anything other than eat up all of your snacks and be gone in a half an hour.)  See, I’m good at this.  This isn’t my first drive-by!


They stayed two hours.  And it was the best two hours of my week.  Earthshaking?  Nah.  The boys watched the NCAA’s and some soccer and acted goofy.  My granddaughter, who turns 14 in a week or so, and I sat in the kitchen and talked.  Yup.  Talked.  I colored but she was tired and didn’t want to color, so while she grazed through every cabinet and snack and I colored, we talked.  I think it was the longest non-stop conversation we’ve had in years.  There is always so much going on with so many people that it’s hard to zero in on a real conversation.


When we went in to hang with the guys, the grandson had these dollar store, soft balls out, so we pelted them at each other until we all got sick of it.  Grandpa played with the new little drone he bought himself and even let the kid and grandkid have a turn.  But mostly we all just acted stupid and laughed and hung out.


When they left a couple of hours later, bellies full of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s snacks and soda, I never considered saying, “Can you stay longer?”  They already had.  And for that and the pop-in-visit, I am pathetically grateful!

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