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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Today I am grateful for justice. . .and I’d like to see a little more of it.  These days my head is spinning like the kid in the Exorcist movie.  I wonder how many times a day, an hour, a minute I say to Himself, “Can you believe. . .?”  Insert a billion injustices.


I learned this morning that a plane on the way from Las Vegas to Honolulu was diverted to Los Angeles because a 66 year old man, who was cold and had asked for a blanket, created a fuss.  Here’s the fuss.  They told him a blanket would cost $10 (I heard 12 in one report) and he questioned the ridiculousness of that charge and asked for the number of the Hawaiian Airlines corporate headquarters.


While they were giving it to him he said, probably more to himself than anyone else, but I’m guessing on this. . .blah, blah, blah. . .  “. . .take someone to the woodshed over this.”  Which is a term from the good ‘ol days, like, “Someone’s head is going to roll.”  Meaning that someone will have to answer questions about the issue, not that you’re actually going to go all “Game of Thrones” and chop someone’s head off and put it on a stick!


Anyway, they re-routed to LA and kicked him off the plane.  I saw the video of him being escorted off and I am so angry I could spit nails.  FYI-That’s another term used to indicate extreme anger, which doesn’t mean I’m going to start sucking on nails and morph hydraulic when I spit them out.  Don’t call the cops on me.


I get it that everyone is jumpy and we have to be careful because we never know where the boogieman is.  But this man isn’t the boogieman.  He’s a guy my age, who probably feels like so many of us do about the ridiculousness of extra fees and mind-boggling, senseless rules and he just said something stupid.


If he should be kicked off the plane for that, then the individual supposedly leading the United States of America should be kicked out of office.  NOW!  Because barely a day goes by when he doesn’t say something stupid.  He’s the real boogieman out there and I’m sorry if some of you don’t agree.  Take off the blinders.  Stop believing every single lie and be objective.  I’m trying to be.


When watching his speech I was nervous, but at the end thought, gee he didn’t sound as crazy.  Is he on a new medication?  We’ll see what tomorrow and the next day bring, I thought.  And then?  The myriad of early morning tweets with nonsense about wire-tapping. Give me a major break!  Go away!  I’ve had enough of him!  He uses a magicians misdirection to take our eyes off of the Russian ball.


Yet for some inexplicable reason, the man is Teflon and nothing sticks to him.  He makes heinous accusations towards the past administration and continues the perpetual smoke-screen every time the press (God love them for their tenacity) gets too close to divulging anything resembling the truth.  He tweets lie after lie, threat after threat and total idiocy almost daily.  He spends millions to golf in Florida but doesn’t take a couple of hours to fly over the destruction in California from floods, the tornado laden areas of the Midwest or the fires of the south.  And he gets away with it.  Always.  Why?


I have a theory on why.  People don’t want to cross him because they know he has the power and the temperament to destroy them even after his term is up.  Destroy them, like the bully on the playground destroys homework.  Destroy them like a vulture destroys a carcass on the side of the road, leaving nothing but bones and a stench that won’t go away.


If his supporters wonder what’s wrong with the rest of us, then I ask you, what’s wrong with you?  I get it that you weren’t a fan of Obama or Hillary.  But if you voted for him, how on earth can you live with your conscience as our country slips further and further into the toilet with each tweet?  Yes, it does!  Don’t believe it?  Just wait.  We are not moving forward and growing as a nation.   We are falling behind so rapidly that some of us are getting vertigo in the processes.  We are a nation in crisis.  We are a nation in crisis.  I’ll say it again and again and it’s not a typo.  We are a nation in crisis!


A man got kicked off a plane because of a silly statement he made.  The current “leader” (and I use the term very loosely) said PUBLICLY that he could shoot someone in Time Square and people would still follow him, vote for him, support him, whatever.  Was he right?  Those who “believed” in him are touting his praises so far.  He can do no wrong. I’m not afraid 24/7 because of some poor guy on a plane who didn’t want to drop money for a blanket and said something stupid.


I hope Telfon Man doesn’t go so far as to test his statement about shooting someone in Time Square, but the fact that he said it at all and no one arrested him for making a terroristic threat is chilling.  Was justice met?  Nope!  Not then.  Not now.  And about that. . .I am terrified!

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One Response to Justice

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    keep on the track as long as possible…..could someone listen, please?????

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