Abyssinian Cats

a abysinian cat pic

Monday, March 6, 2017

Today I am grateful for Abyssinian cats. I had only heard of and never seen this type of cat before today, when I went over to wash a recovering friends hair.  What a beauty.


Look, I know that I’m laming out on these blogs, what with the state of our states practically crumbling in front of my eyes.  And believe me I have opinions galore, but I’m exhausted from all of the insanity and just want to think about something pleasant.


Like the gorgeous cat I saw today.  I’ve walked into a lot of houses with cats and usually they take off for parts unknown, like cockroaches when you hit the light.  Not Luke.  I said, “Pretty kitty, here kitty.”  And he ran over to me like a needy dog.  Let me pet him, didn’t balk or twist out of the way meowing, “stranger danger.”


Long and lean, with a beautiful Maureen-O’Hara’s-hair-shade of reddish brown fur. . . and friendly.  I’ll take Luke over the political climate any day!

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