Archived Pictures

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Today I am grateful for archived pictures.  I’m going to piggy-back on the last post I did, where I used a stock photo because it seemed perfect for the story from my childhood.


But I had also cropped some old pictures  and got to thinking about how hands have always fascinated me.  Sometimes very young people have old looking hands.  Other times old people have young looking hands.  They are as unique to each person as eyes or fingertips or a great sense of humor.


I remember a friends mom who always had red fingernail polish, even when she was very ill.  I’ve known grease monkeys who work endlessly on cars and their hands show it.  I remember teachers leaning over my desk, pointing at something on my paper with long, thin hands and short stubby ones.  The peace sign, the okay sign and the universal you drive-like-an-idiot sign are all done with hands.


Today I share the hands of my grandma, dad and mom, grateful that I found the archived pictures to do so.

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