Cream Puffs


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Today I’m grateful for cream puffs.  I am very sad to say that both of my cameras are broken beyond repair.  One has been groaning and moaning for quite some time until finally giving up the ghost.  The other, newer one, which I loved, was knocked off of a high table while open and when it flew towards the tile floor, with me lunging after it like a quarterback on Quaaludes, all of the shutter covers either broke out or bent and it won’t close.  I am bereft with grief.  That’s why I’ve been forced to use clipart for the blog.  Boo hoo.


But now I have an iphone.  With a camera built in.  Great, right?  Sure, it’s great.  I have 300 pictures of a pencil on the table because without glasses on I didn’t know I was holding the button down forever.  But I also have some great pictures from our last trip.  There they sit.  In my phone.  The technological black hole.


In Wisconsin we were in Walmart and I asked the electronics man for a cord to transfer my pictures from my phone.  He was not a young kid, but not a dinosaur, like me.  He told me my pictures were already in a cloud and I could get them any time.


“What cloud?” I asked.  “They’re right here on my phone!”  I argued with him, but nicely and with very little confidence.  When he stopped laughing, he very kindly showed me on his computer how to make the transfer happen.  Oh boy.  I shut down someplace after “download” “upload” blah, blah, blah.  My hard drive was full and I needed a re-boot.


By the time I got back to my computer I had forgotten every single thing he said, except the laughter and the word, “cloud”.  So I googled. . .”How do I get my pictures off of my iphone and into my computer through the cloud?”  Somehow, through a stroke of great genius and dumb luck, I was able to download, upload, whateverload some of the pictures from the phone. Then I got panicky and shut the whole works down or I might have gotten more of them.  I found out days later that it takes a long time.


I really prefer using my own shots for the blog, but it’s taken me some re-entry time since the trip and I haven’t even felt like looking for those pictures until tonight.  And I found them.  So what’s the first one that pops up!?  The cream puffs!


I am so grateful for those cream puffs.  I was in that restaurant twice and never got one.  Or even two.  I really, really wanted one, but my dinner had been too filling and I knew I’d never be able to wait for the next day and just stuff it in and not enjoy it at all.  Okay, maybe a little/lot. . .but I’m trying not to stuff on top of stuffed so I didn’t get one.


When the size 2 girl asked if she could help me I said, “Sure” and snapped a picture of those beautiful, softball-sized, stuffed with REAL whipped cream. . .cream puffs!  And if there is a picture attached to this, then I get huge kudos.  I found it once. . .but that doesn’t mean I’ll find it again.  My smart phone is still smarter than me.  Cloud, my aunt fanny!  Those cream puffs are my kind of cloud!  Heaven.

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One Response to Cream Puffs

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Now make folders so you can file those pictures in an orderly fashion. I think I would still get a handheld pocket camera to make things a little easier on your brain, but then I don’t have an IFone.

    Sent from my iPad. Now go and make it a good day”


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