Nominated Movies


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Today I am grateful for nominated movies.  We usually watch almost all of the movies nominated for best picture, but this year we are way behind because we were gone for two weeks.  We have seen Hidden Figures(fantastic); Fences (Very Good); Lion (Brilliant); La La Land (I expected it to be better); Hacksaw Ridge (Fantastic, but bloody, but a beautifully written story line); and right now we are watching Arrival, but it’s too soon to comment.


We double dipped at the theater today and saw La La Land and a horrible movie that Matt Damon must be weeping about, The Great Wall.  Very stupid and I’m glad it was the second half of our double dip.  Himself owes me for that one.


Tonight I talked him into Hacksaw Ridge because of the stars it got and we both loved it.  I must be getting jaded to the horrible violence since watching Game of Thrones, because there was a lot, but I loved it anyway.


I’m hoping to watch Moonlight tomorrow, but we won’t see Hell or High Water because I can’t find it anywhere, nor will we watch Manchester by the Sea because of the mixed reviews from friends, with most of them saying it was gloomy and I’ve had enough gloomy for a while so I don’t feel up to watching it for entertainment.  I’ll watch it when it comes on HBO.


Gotta go.  I’m already intrigued by Arrival and I’ve barely been watching.  It looks like it deserves my full attention.  See you at the Academy Awards.  (In my dreams!)

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