My Perfect World


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Today I am grateful for my perfect world.  We drove home from Wisconsin on Sunday and Monday.  Thankfully there was no bad weather and driving through Chicago was a breeze.


After a 14 hour day we fell into bed exhausted at the gorgeous hotel in Youngstown, Ohio.  Neither of us were looking forward to getting back in the car for another 5-6 hour drive so we dragged our asses in the morning, especially me.  When on a road trip, we stop for a lot of pee breaks.  It’s okay because while Himself is doing his business, I rest my eyes and even nap a little.  But sometimes even I have to go.


Walking out of a rest area in Pennsylvania, I noticed three young men standing at the open trunk of their cram-packed car.  They were eating fruit and drinking water, which I thought was interesting.  They were also of three completely different ethnicities, which I found encouraging.  One was tall, skinny and black with boinky, short dreads; one was a pudgy Asian with poker straight bangs; and the other was a very short Hispanic, with gorgeous wavy hair.  Once a hairdresser always a hairdresser.  I noticed the hair right off.  But I also noticed something else.


They were laughing.  A lot.  And having fun, fiddling with some device to get the music going.  By the time it was playing at a decent decibel, I was at my car.  They started dancing, watching me as I was about to get in behind the wheel.  They watched me as though wondering if I was going to tell them to turn it down and knock it off.


They weren’t very good dancers. . .nothing “So You Think You Can Dance?” about these three.  Their feet moved a little and so did their arms.  Hips not so much.  I paused at my open car door.  Himself was already in the passenger seat.


I wish you could have seen their faces when I broke into a well-timed, if a little bit frantic dance, behind my car. . .with them. . .in the parking lot of a rest area!  “Hey Mama!” they yelled, clapping and laughing as I gave them my best moves. . .not great, but I think they learned a few!  The moment lasted maybe 30 seconds.


Before pulling out I lowered my window and said, “You guys made my day.  You really made my day!”  They jumped up and waved as though they were bringing in a plane on a runway, and said, “You made ours!!!”


Driving away, bawling, of course, I realized that this was the world I want to live in. . .where three young guys of very different cultures, can have a goofy moment with a too-white old lady at a public rest area.  That’s my perfect world.

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2 Responses to My Perfect World

  1. Stuart Bawden says:

    I agree, that is my perfect world too. Your dancing made them feel you weren’t judging them.

  2. marymooney says:

    Thank you. I think so, too.

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