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Friday, February 10, 2017

Today I am grateful for rest.  OMG I am as exhausted as I’ve ever been.  We all are.  In two days we packed mom’s entire apartment (except for what she can’t use), moved it (with blessed movers) and unpacked it in her new place, with everything in place as it was at the old place.  Am I making any sense?  I doubt it.


Last night the electricity was shooting through my exhausted back and legs like fireworks on the Fourth of July, except I wasn’t celebrating.  I am so tired that when I started this I couldn’t remember what day of the week it is.  Sleep is fitful and not enough, so today we are all taking a day off.  We don’t HAVE to do anything we don’t want to do.  It is well deserved, believe me.


I’m napping on the keyboard as I type.  Himself is in a stupor watching anything or nothing on the little TV in my sisters guest room, where we are staying.  My sister went to lunch with her daughter and my brother-in-law is about to practice the piano.


We packed mom’s apartment on Wednesday, moved her (with movers and 3 cars) on Thursday and also re-set up her apartment in the exact way it was when she left for the hospital five weeks ago, including hanging a lot of the pictures on the walls.  Things have to stay in the same place because with her macular degeneration it’s hard to find them otherwise.  We do not want to listen to her re-runs regarding that so we were very careful.


When mom arrived at her new place, Aster Assisted Living, in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin at 6:45 last night, she looked like a frightened waif, in her leopard print fake fur coat.  No one at the rehab told her when she was leaving and she thought she was being kidnapped by the transport guy.  For what, I have no clue.


I rolled her around a little so she could see some of her new common areas, where the hair salon is, the luxury bathtub room and the gorgeous sunroom near her apartment.  I introduced her to another neighbor who has a cat and then we spent an hour looking for her cat, Louise.


Cats will not be found unless they want to be found.  I have said this a million times, but men do not hear these words.  Must be part of the hunter/gatherer theory.  After a perfunctory search of the apartment it was determined by we three women, that Louise did not want to be found.  But Himself and my brother in law were sure she must have gotten out, so they ran the hallways, while mom, my sister and I talked.  When they got back, announcing there is no cat out there, but meeting all of the neighbors, Himself looked down behind my mom’s chair and there was Louise’s head sticking out.  He snatched her, none too gently and held her over his head like the Heisman Trophy.


I spoke with a lot of residents and all but one said the food is great.  The one who didn’t said the carrots weren’t cooked enough, which is funny because my mom hates Chinese food because they don’t cook the vegetables, ie/ you can still recognize them as vegetables and not pureed baby food.  She’ll probably sit with that lady for meals and they’ll have a blast bitching.  “How can they DO that to a hamberger!?”


Mom is exhausted and a bit uncertain as to what to expect from her new place and the staff, but she was clever and funny and kind to them, so that’s a start.  When two young woman helped her into her recliner, one popped the legs up and mom said, “Ahhhh, I’m home!” and let out a deep sigh.  So did we all.  Now for some well-earned rest!

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