Cultural Customs


Thursday, February 02, 2017

Today I am grateful for cultural customs.  This will be short and there might not be anything else for a few days because we leave at O’dark-thirty on Saturday, for Madison, Wisconsin.  My mom wants us there to help make decisions and I want to be there for her.  Pray for all of us!


Back to cultural customs.  When we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia I had a wonderful young man who worked for me, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc.  I didn’t want to hire household staff, but my dear friend made it clear to me that it was “expected” that I give someone a job, since we were considered well-off while there.  Boy how times change.  Far from well-off these days.


Anyway, Himself hates to polish his shoes.  As a kid I remember doing my dad’s, so he probably hated it, too.  In Jakarta all Himself had to do was set his shoes outside the bedroom door overnight and they would be returned to him in the morning spit-shined.


So I set my shoes outside my bedroom door every so often, waiting for Ramdan to sweep them away and polish ‘em up.  He usually takes the hint. . .except he isn’t named Ramdan, now.   He is named Himself!  A new cultural custom is born!

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