Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Today I am grateful for love.  I don’t care one hoot about Valentine’s Day so this is not getting saved for the Hallmark day.  I’m talking about all encompassing, all consuming, all accepting, all forgiving, all embracing love, all encouraging love.


And that’s what I felt at my friend, David Page’s art opening, “Snow Comes to the Highlands”, last Sunday, at the Mennonite Heritage Center.  From the staff at the center; to the son’s, nephew, daughters-in-law, sister, friends, our spouses and the visitors, love was all around.  It is still all around.  And will be for some time.


Because that’s the thing about love.  The more you throw out into the universe the more  it comes back to you.  I have tested this.  I’ve had cranky days where I let my fears, despair and anger rule my day and therefore, affect everyone around me.  It wasn’t pretty.  And that negativity came back at me over and over.


So I made a change.  A conscious, serious, sometimes difficult to implement change.  I take my same cranky mood and re-fashion it.  Instead of barking at someone doing something stupid driving, I extend an extra courtesy.  Instead of jingling my keys or huffing in a long grocery line where someone older than me is trying a hundred times to get her “chip” card to work, I say, “You need to not concern yourself about me at all.  Cross that one off of your worry list.”  It isn’t always easy.  But it always pays off.


Down the road, each and every time.  Yes, really hear that. . .each and every time. . .it comes back to me.  For instance.  With all of the hoopla over my mom’s situation and the new cell phone (see late last night’s rant) and now having to bump up a trip to the frozen tundra, not to mention the state of the union (which I’m not today), I was in a pissy mood.   Sometimes it’s hard to even remember who I am these days.  And I forgot for a hot minute.


Then I logged onto Facebook and saw I had a message from someone with whom I only have an on-line relationship.  Gob-smacked me.  Knocked me off my pity party with wrecking ball force with pure, unadulterated support and love.  For me.  For my daring at using my words to try and implement change.  For my honesty and sincerity.

And for once I didn’t get what I deserved, which was a real smack in the head, not a metaphorical one.  Wow!


So no matter what your opinion is. . .and I know that they run deeply on all sides of every issue these days. . .remember love.  “Love is all around. . .” said the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song and boy it sure is.  Around me.  And around you.  Look for it.


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