Sunday, January 22, 2017

Today I am grateful for hairdressers.  Of course, I was a hairdresser so this might seem a bit self-deprecating, but I assure you it’s not me I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the saint at the rehab where my mom is staying, who managed to fit her into the schedule for a wash and set TODAY.


My mom has had some serious ups and downs in the last few weeks, which means that all of us have been on a rollercoaster ride right along with her.  There have been a few phone conversations with her, but usually when they were over I was left feeling more frustrated, than encouraged.  She doesn’t do well on a cell phone and that’s all we have while she is where she is.  I think she probably wonders why we are all asking her to talk into the TV remote control.


Then yesterday I had an actual real conversation with her and it was great.  Knowing her, I asked about her hair.  Every time my mom ever came to visit, the first event on the agenda was for me to do her hair.  She swore by a “Mary hairdo” and I was happy to oblige because I knew I’d have to look at her all week.  I found out that she had not had her hair washed since before New Year’s.  Yikes.


When you are really not feeling well and weak and confused, you don’t care two craps about your hair.  I know from personal experience.  But when you start feeling a little bit better, it’s almost all you can think about.  No one wants to be visited while looking like the Wrath of God!  Doctors and nurses, when checking on patients should ask, “How is your hair?”  If a patient answers they don’t care, do more testing.  If they answer, “Who do I have to screw to get a wash and set?” then they might be ready to discharge.


We talked hair.  Mom wanted to check on having her usual hairdresser come over to do her, even though there is a hairdresser on site part time.  I let it go for a while then after chatting with my sister, I got mom back on the phone and told her to let anyone do it.  Anyone.  The janitor.  The kitchen staff.  Anyone.  “You’ll feel so much better with your hair done,” I pushed.  It’s the one and probably only thing she will take my advice on.  I am the keeper of hair.


Today when my sister visited, she found mom cranky. . .until it was determined that the hairdresser had a place for her.  Perked right up.  Wilted a little under the dryer, but afterwards she even felt well enough to sit and listen to my brother-in-law play the piano.  Four songs!  Then she needed to rest.  It was huge!


Thank you for all of your prayers and kind thoughts.  This is turning out way differently than I feared and our families appreciate each and every one of you.  As for me?  I’m just plain grateful for that hairdresser!

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3 Responses to Hairdressers

  1. Jacki Hunsberger says:

    Your Mom looks good! So happy to say! Looks looks like she’s stifling a little smile. So hope she continues to mend.

  2. Marge Bowman says:

    I am happy to see your mom looking a little perky. But I am sad that she is still “in” and not out. By the way, her hair looks fabulous. Is she wearing a watch that counts steps? If so, good for her. Maybe it will motivate her. See you later. Marge

    Sent from my iPad. Now go and make it a good day”


  3. marymooney says:

    No, Marge. She doesn’t do steps. It’s a watch for the blind.

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