Necessary Decisions


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Today I am grateful for necessary decisions.  I’m not happy. I don’t know if any of you remember my bad stint with asthma last year that landed me in the hospital for five days, but I do.  I remember it well.  And the exhaustion that followed.


That memory. . .and a sucky reality check. . .has convinced me that even though I just got 40 “Kind” pins in the mail from Penzeys Spices to pass out on the train, it might not be a very good idea for me to spend 4-7 hours marching around in the cold and damp of Philadelphia on Saturday.  I feel like such a woosie!  But I like breathing.  It works for me.  And on some of the cooler, damp days I have to do an extra treatment to feel normal. . .whatever that is. . .


I was bemoaning this almost-made-decision to a friend.  He could tell I was feeling awful about it. . .and guilty. . .and like a disappointment because I’ve shot my mouth off so vehemently about my discontent with this incoming administration.  Yet here I am backing out of a huge march, a way to show my support of women, of gender equality, of racial equality, educational opportunities, Social Security/Medicare. . .of KINDNESS. . .add anything else that’s going to wind up on the new misogynistic-elitist chopping block.


My friend, much wiser than me, said, “But Mary.  You might not be able to make it to the march, but you are a writer.  You have your voice.  You have been and will continue to express your opinions in your writing.  You will reach way more people that way than you would marching.”  Damn!  I hate when he’s right.


For those of us in the arts. . .the writer’s, the poets, the playwrights, the musicians. . .it will be up to us to let our passions for this time in history be recorded.  Really recorded as it happens and unfolds before our terrified eyes.


So march on my powerful friends.  But remember to tell your stories.  We must glut the “fake” news with the force of our convictions.  Who knows, maybe one day you will turn up on a coin, just like Susan B. Anthony!


The “Kind” pins are going on a bus with a friend, because with a very heavy heart and great sadness, I am making the necessary decision to forego the march.  But not the cause.  Never the cause!

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