A Good Yuk


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Today I am grateful for a good yuk.  I needed a yuk today and when I was tearing apart Christmas decorations I got one.


I spend a lot of time putting my village out.  So much that I don’t do it every year because I’m so picky.    I put Styrofoam underneath the houses so that I can poke real branches into it and then dribble paint on them to make them look like the snow is melting off.  Yeah, I know.  A bit much.  But it’s fun and I love doing it.


Usually one of my friends sons does obscene things involving the snow angel guy and the guy squatting to build a snow man.  A few times the deer was involve with them in an impossible to achieve, more than kinky,  menage-a-troi.  It must have been too crowded this year because all of the players were in original positions.  How oddly disappointing.


Except there was a silver plastic spoon stuck in the foam, like a twisted satellite dish.  My youngest son went looking for it when he and his family were here for Christmas Eve.  Silly me, I would have blamed one of the little kids.  Ha-ha!


Before putting the village houses away I pulled all of the trees, bushes, people, etc. off and put them on a tray so I could package and wrap them.  Imagine my surprise. . .and chuckle. . .when I found three bacon & water chestnut canapes, which I served on Christmas Eve,  in the mix.


Should I blame the grandkids?  No way.  These petrified things have my youngest son’s fingerprints all over them.   I almost saved them for next year, but decided against it.  I needed the yuk!  Thanks, Packy.

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