Personal Perspective – Guest Story


Saturday, January 07, 2017

Today I am grateful for a personal perspective.  Not mine.  I have been given permission to share the story of a wonderful, dear friend, who is a flight attendant and was at the Fort Lauderdale airport during yesterday’s madness.  Some things in life need to be experienced in order for us to understand them.


Marriage, divorce, birth, parenthood, loss of a child, loss of a parent are unique experiences.  The actual conditions in which people live in third world countries cannot be fully understood (especially the smell) unless you have witnessed it firsthand.  Terror is the same way.  Watching a TV loop is awful, but unless you are there. . .


From my friend:

Today was life changing for me. I have never felt real fear, but as I was lying under a car with one of my inflight crew beside me and another crew member from accounting behind me, listening to our breath and the shouts of the police and swat yelling to get under cars, wondering where my other inflight crew member was because we got separated as we ran from the terminal – I felt fear. For about 25 minutes, laying under a strangers car with my JetBlue family – I was afraid. As we were yelled at by the authorities to come out with our hands up but not knowing if they really were law enforcement or another shooter – I was afraid. After we were back at the terminal sitting outside with many strangers and seeing 20 law enforcement officers running directly at us with guns drawn yelling at us to “get down get down” – I was afraid. As a kind stranger draped himself over my fellow crew members and told me to pull my bag over me – I was afraid. Now as sit safely reflecting on this profoundly sad day I fell blessed. I feel blessed by the kindness of strangers, by a team leader and a team of leaders in Boston Inflight that have supported us all day. I am blessed by the love of so many friends that have thought of us today and I am blessed to breath the air of life. Tonight families grieve for their horrible loss my heart is broken. Peace God please grant us peace.  (Thank you, Melinda)


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