Kindness Movement


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Today I am grateful for the Kindness Movement.  What a sign of our times that there is now a “movement” drawing people to be kind to each other.  How did we forget that this is a basic thing in the first place?  Why did we let it slip away?  Is it too late to bring it back?  I think not.  I think it’s the exact right time to bring it back in a big way and so does Paula Spencer Scott who wrote a wonderful piece for Parade magazine in today’s Inquirer.


I have been down with a stomach bug for a few days, so I haven’t blogged.  I know you missed me terribly.  Ha-ha.  Plus I have been on the phone with my sister in Wisconsin a lot in the last few days because my mom is not well, either.  We made the decision that she needed to go to the hospital tonight as a precaution, but she was too weak to get to my sisters car under her own steam so an ambulance was called.  I spoke with her and she said “I’m tough as nails”, so I hope she will be better soon.  She is 90.


Because of my bug and dealing with moms, I thought I might not post tonight either.  Then I read the article about kindness and decided I had to write about it today so that you might all go on line, find the full article, read it, then make the commitment to be kind to someone each day.  It’s what I do.  Whenever I can.  And you know I encourage you to do it too, like a broken record, but only because you will feel great when you do.


So many of you have sent me trinkets, or crazy glasses, or a piece of inexpensive jewelry that you know I’ll love, or simply a note with kind, supportive words.  Or you like or comment on something I’ve said.  Or you’ve told me when I see you what my silly little thoughts mean to you.  Please know that each is a treasure of astronomical proportions.  My heart is full of your kindnesses.  So full that it spills over.  Onto other people.  Like love lava.


Throwing kindness around like confetti, as the article says, is a great resolution for the new year.  And you don’t have to drink a smoothie made of eye-of-newt, or climb Mount Everest, or even step on a damned scale.  When you put kindness out there the act will fill you and overflow until the world is consumed with, simple good deeds.  Huge?  Some say no, not really.  Huge?  I say, you bet!  HUGE!


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2 Responses to Kindness Movement

  1. Jacki Hunsberger says:

    Love lava…I like that!

  2. marymooney says:

    Thanks, Jackie. I kinda like that, too.

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