Reason to Celebrate


Friday, December 24, 2016

Today I am grateful for a reason to celebrate.  Holidays can be tough.  There is so much pre-celebratory work that by the time the actual event is here our expectation of what it will feel like has exploded into astronomical proportions that no family, food, or special activity can compete with.


I have to caution myself every year against this plight.  I love having my family here.  Love it!  But at the end of the day they are still people with all of the individuality that makes them special.  So I need to guard against setting myself up for disappointment.


For instance. . .we probably won’t get the “family” pictures this year.  Why?  Because we NEVER get the family picture.  Actually, NOT getting the family picture has become part of our tradition.  I guess.  So scratch that one off my list.  When others post beautiful pictures of children clad in gorgeous, perfect outfits, lined up according to height in front of fireplaces or trees, I will smile, remember my grandkids flying through the room, hair akimbo and squealing like pigs as they head for more sugar.


Also if he is allowed even a little time upstairs to play Wii, whatever cute outfit my 8 year old grandson has on will be cast to the floor.  Last year we saw him sweating like a convict, frantically flipping joy sticks around, clad only in his underwear.  To him Wii is an aerobic activity.  He gets hot.  So if I want a picture of his outfit, I’ll have plenty of time to take it while it’s on the floor in a heap.


We have a 17 year old who drives. . .and has the life of a 17 year old.  She’s working, picking up her sister, flying over here, opening gifts, eating, then flying to the boyfriends house.  Is this ideal for me?  Nope.  Is it for her?  Probably not.  But she’s coming into her own and if this is how it is, then this is how it is.  I know she loves us and she knows we love her.  I promise to not nail the door shut so she can’t leave early.  Maybe.


Another granddaughter is 13, going on 20.  She LOVES Christmas and everything that goes with it.  She LOVES all of the different foods I make and you can tell because she savors each bite.  But only one bite per food.  Her little trail of nibbles will be everywhere.  I wish I had that discipline, but no, I glom every morsel like it’s my last.  And if it’s not curled and styled, she might let me brush her gorgeous hair, which is something that we both enjoy equally.


The new baby, at just under 9 months, is going through a cranky/teething phase, where only mom or dad will do. . .and sometimes not even them.  So there will be some tears, I suppose.  Maybe even from the baby.


No matter if you are home alone, or away, or with family, or with friends, or sad, or lonely, or happy, or angry, or scared, or joyous, or if things go your way, or they don’t, please find a reason to celebrate.  I sure am.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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