Shopped All Day


Monday, December 19, 2018

Today I am grateful we shopped all day.   Hahahahahahahahahaha!  A bold faced lie, right here on my tender moments blog!   I HATE shopping.  Himself is not a big fan, either.  He is fighting a cold and I woke up with a misery in my knee. . .wait, my back. . .hang on, Arthur Itis is irritating the hell out of my hands. . .no, it’s my knee.  Oh forget it.  I have the aging miseries.  Everywhere.


We did pretty well and are almost done.  Groceries tomorrow.  Whoopee!  I love to wrap, but not tonight.  Tonight I’m all done.  Wish I had a mile clicker for today.  Though maybe I’d be disappointed.  How many miles are in an Ikea, Target and Ross?  Feels like a million.


I was glad I didn’t get arrested when I sat down at the feet of a beautifully clad mannequin in Target.  For twenty minutes.  While Himself looked for me.  For twenty minutes.  And then found me in a completely different part of the store because I rallied.  Add two miles.


We took one look at each other and said in total unison, “I’m all done!”  Pain meds and wine.  The dinner of people who shopped all day!

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