Thursday, December 15, 2016

Today I am grateful for a check.  I had a very, very busy day today.  I hit the ground running at 7:30 a.m. and didn’t stop until almost 7:30 p.m..  To those of you still working and raising families, this sounds like a normal, if not easy day, but to this ol’ retired gal, it was a lot.  I’m bushed.


Even though I wasn’t in the mood I had to run to the dollar store today.  Not the one closest, the one further away because it’s better.  It was a very cold, very windy, brutal day and I was afraid I’d lose my sunny disposition.  Sometimes when I feel like that I hit a mental switch to be extra nice, thoughtful, kind to people because otherwise I might shove an inconsiderate person into a wall or run over one with my car.  Extra nice is safer for me and them.


When I left the dollar store, 59 big ones later. . .(that’s 59 items, too). . .the traffic was awful.  Some trucks were letting people in and those of us entering the road didn’t have to wait too long.  Nice.  This I can pay forward, I thought.  So I did, just to see what reactions I would get.  Each time someone was trying to make a left turn, or ease into traffic, if it was safe to do so, I motioned them on.  I got smiles.  Actual smiles!  Wow!  One man waved to me like he was on a parade float.  Nice.


I haven’t collected the mail in a few days and Himself was home on the couch, on my orders, nursing the beginning of the miseries, so I stopped and did that, too.  I nearly blew away.  Yes, me!


There it was, right at the top of the mail.  Class Action Settlement/Walmart.  Bet you didn’t know that Himself worked at Walmart for 9 months, did you?  Until his 12 year old boss called him “boy” in front of customers and he took off his blue vest with all of the buttons and nearly shoved his “John” nametag up the kids ass as he said, “My name is not boy!  It’s John!  Can you read, Sonny?”. . .and quit.  Boredom is better than being bullied by someone still popping zits on a daily basis.


Well apparently Walmart screwed up some payroll checks, so there was a class action and we got a check in the mail.  I figured it was for $2.50 or some other stupid amount, but it wasn’t.  It was for much, much more.  Not a fortune.  For some an almost laughable amount.  But for us?  It helps!  There is nothing like the cushion of a few bucks you weren’t expecting.  Breathe-Breathe-Breathe!


Now I’m smiling just like those people I ushered into traffic today.  Yup.  Karma. . .again!  This time in the form of a check. J

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One Response to Check

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Loved this post. Anytime an unexpected check comes in the mail, it’s all good. We, too, are nursing and hope to be able to resume living next week. Hot toddies might help John. Love to both of you. Marge

    Sent from my iPad. Now go and make it a good day”


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