Christmas Crack


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Today I am grateful for Christmas candy.  I have been making candy treats to send to my mom and our kids in Wisconsin.  And a few for us to keep.  Too many few.  I am going to need Himself to hide them someplace where I will not be able to sniff them out until Christmas Eve.


I have had a few peanut clusters.  The chocolate/coconut almond clusters are pretty good.  The fudge got a little grainy, which has never happened before in my life, but Himself says it’s still tasty.  (Okay, I had a little piece, too and it wasn’t bad.)


But the thing that needs to get outta here right now and maybe live in the trunk of his car. . .while he’s driving it to Canada. . .is the Christmas Crack.  It really is. . .Crack! I could mash it up and inject it right into my veins.  I got the credit card out to line up the crumbs for snorting.


Is that how it’s done?  I don’t even know.  I am probably the only person who grew up in the 60’s and never even tried marijuana, not to mention anything stronger.  Not once.  Why?  Was I noble and chaste?  Was I so, so boring?  Nope.  Was I sanctimonious?  Not hardly.  So why didn’t I ever try it?   I heard you got the munchies from it.  Really.  Swell.  Just what I need is another reason to pig out.  No thanks.


Maybe I’ll have some on Christmas Eve, or maybe the day before.  Or maybe Christmas day.  Unless Himself gets stopped trying to cross the border with it.  Might be worth it to “do time” for this stuff!  Marijuana munchies be damned!  I’ll stick to Christmas Crack.

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