Souse Chef

'I need a house with more counter space!'

Friday, December 09, 2016

Today I am grateful for souse chefs.  And I wish I had one.  Besides himself, who mercilessly chopped some onions with the onion chopping gizmo I got a few years ago.  Note to women who want their men to do kitchen stuff.  Buy a gizmo.  Men love gizmos.  A knife?  Fugetaboutit.  But a gizmo and he doesn’t even bitch.


The point is that I am hot and heavy into cooking for our annual Christmas brunch on Sunday.  You might not be hearing from me until it’s over.  It depends on how much energy I have left when the work is done.  And if my hands can type, which at this moment is questionable.


My knuckles are swollen and hands throbbing from peeling, seeding and chopping 18 very large cucumbers, carrots and shallots for Indonesian acar. . .which will go with the nasi goreng (fried rice). . .which will go with the ham, fruit, asparagus/egg/cheese thingy(vegetarian), nuevos rancheros (glutten free), turkey/swiss Hawaiian roll things, crescent roll cheesy pinwheel things (vegetarian), baby wienies in sauce, oven roasted potatoes/onions, mimosas, bloody Mary’s and coffee/tea.  Is your mouth watering, yet?


Thankfully it’s cold enough this year to store some things on Himself’s car in the garage. This Bloody Mary will be cooking for the next two days!  So if there is no blog, don’t send out the troops wondering if I’m dead. . .unless they are kitchen qualified souse chefs!

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