It's a new government directive requiring us to be 58% more cheerful within 18 months.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Today I am grateful for coping.  It has been a few really tough weeks for me and all of those who opposed the basic philosophy of our current president elect.  I have seen all of the “get over it” posts on Facebook and even some in the mainstream media.  My problem is that I don’t seem to be able to.


I try.  But each time I tell myself, “Maybe this won’t be as dreadful as I think it will,” another racist, bigot, misogynist or loose-cannon tyrant is called to serve in a high powered position in the new administration.  It just gets worse and worse.


I am very sensitive and frequently have to monitor the amount of bad news I take in or I would never get out of bed in the morning.  I know many people care deeply about wounded animals and sick children, so they post ways to help them on social media.  I care deeply, too.  So deeply that I rarely read the stories.  It wouldn’t take much these days to pull me into a vortex of depression.  I have to be guarded.


So I monitor my intake of the news.  I don’t trust that this will change in the next four years.  In fact, in my core, my guts, which are my driving force through life, I fear it will get much, much worse.   I pray I am wrong.  I’d be thrilled to be wrong.


Get over it?  Not likely.  Each time I try, I get a flashback of the new president of my country making fun of a handicapped reporter, or calling women fat pigs, or inciting the KKK, or. . . .I can’t even go on. . . You know.  Before you tell me to “get over it”, please share with the rest of us how you are able to pretend it didn’t happen.  Because it did.  And now we’re stuck with the playground bully who can’t even stop himself from tweeting crap every day.  Doesn’t he have more important things to do than dis Alec Baldwin?  Like maybe studying a map or taking a crash course on governing?  It’s not just terrifying, or inappropriate, it’s downright embarrassing.  Get over it?  How can I?  It’s in my face every day.   And I was hoping his fifteen minutes were up.  Poor, silly, sad, me.


So I cope by going to lunch with friends, splashing around at water aerobics, baking, decorating, planning, partying, talking to friends, crying in my car and screaming at my TV.  I’m very busy.  Especially with the screaming at the TV thing.  But in the dark of night I still see him making fun of the handicapped reporter.  And I weep in my core.


I hope I can continue to see the wonderful things in life as I struggle to cope with what I see as the disintegration of hope for the “real” people of my country.  And I hope you can, too.  Just don’t forget.


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