Peanut Clusters


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Today I am grateful for peanut clusters.  My mom turned 90 in October and I remember making these with her when I was a kid.  She’d put the chocolate in a double boiler and I have to stir and stir so it didn’t scorch while melting.


“Don’t let any water bubble into it or the chocolate won’t set.  Use only plain peanuts, no salt or they turn funny,” she said.  “And never, ever freeze them!  That’s why they get those unsightly white spots.”  The voice of mom, from back in the day.


She can’t do stuff like this anymore, since macular degeneration stole her sight and aging stole her energy.  Old age is a thief in the night.  The doctor keeps telling her she could drop a few pounds. (Who can’t?)  And my sister and I worry about her lousy diet.  She eats banana bread for supper and has a cup of coffee and two cigarettes for breakfast.  She has a huge cow “cookie” jar that holds her stash of Mr. Goodbars.  Lunch!

She used to go to movies, but can’t see them anymore.  She used to love TV, but can only watch talking heads because nothing else stays in focus.  She can still read but very slowly and with great difficulty and the skill is fading fast.  She used to drive over to Walmart and putter around “shopping” for nothing. . . and everything.  She used to live in Arizona surrounded by like-minded friends.  She used to volunteered for every clubhouse event.  Her excellent pies never made it out of the kitchen because they were glommed by the kitchen staff before they got to the serving table.  She can’t do any of those things anymore and it is causing her to feel useless.  What a horrible feeling.


So, I’m putting together a care package of my homemade Chex mix, almond clusters, almond clusters with coconut, peanut clusters and roasted pecans to send to her.  When I told her about it she said, “YUM!”  Does it mean I don’t care about her health?  Nope!  It means I care about her happiness.  She’s 90!  If you can’t eat peanut clusters at 90. . .then when?

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