New Kitchen Appliances

Monday, December 05, 2016

Today I am grateful for new kitchen appliances.  I just wish I knew how to run them.  I have never in my life had all new appliances. . .and I’m getting up there.  It feels weird.  I’m not quite friends with them, yet.


The bottom stove drawer seems flimsy.  The drawers in the fridge don’t open all the way because the door hits the dishwasher handle.  Geeze.  I had to cut the head of cabbage in half, which certainly isn’t a deal breaker, but goes to show that nothing is perfect.


Himself soloed with the dishwasher the other day.  I told him what to push, he did it, and “the thing lit up like the control panel on a 747!” he said.  Then it wouldn’t start.  Or he couldn’t hear it start.  I’m not sure which.  So he stopped it and started it again.  He still couldn’t hear it, but I could.  “As long as the dishes are clean I guess I don’t have to hear it happening,” he announced.


So the washer flips the clothes and beeps and groans; the dryer buzzer is so loud that I jumped out of my skin (yes, it is turned down now); the dish washer lights up like Christmas; the fridge seems too small or just too different and the drawers don’t open the but the water/ice is great!; the microwave beeps a billion times when your food is done; the stove. . .well, the drawer is flimsy, but so far I am loving the stove.


Actually I will probably love all of them eventually. . .when I figure out how to drive them.  Maybe I should check out the manuals.  Hahahahahaha. . .as if!


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