Reason for the Season


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Today I am grateful for the reason for the season.  My nativity display always causes a bit of a stir when people see it for the first time.


To start with I don’t have it under the tree, or on a buffet, sitting on a nice cloth.  I have it perched on top of a huge piece of Indonesian pottery in the corner of my dining room.  The pieces are set in sand that I’ve poured into a gigantic paella pan that I picked up in Mexico.  All of the characters are black, which is probably what they would have been back in the day, in that part of the world.  It gives people pause.


But that’s not why I bought it.  I bought it when my mixed-race granddaughter was born.  I didn’t want her coming to our “white bread” house and thinking I didn’t recognize or celebrate the “black side” of her family.   I have put it out every year for seventeen years.  And I’ll continue to put it out, not just because of the granddaughter anymore, but because I need to remember how alike we all are, even though we have some obvious differences.


I choose to celebrate the sameness, the things that connect us as a human race.  I choose kindness over meanness.  I choose love over hate.  I choose joy over fear. And I want my house to reflect that as much as my heart does.  For me, that is the reason for the season.

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One Response to Reason for the Season

  1. Linda says:

    Your are awesome!! Love your Blogs.

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