Sunday, November 27, 2016

Today I am grateful for decorating.  We have been hard at it for almost a week and Himself is sure getting a workout hauling boxes up from the basement.  Nothing takes your mind off of world troubles like the tediousness of decorating for Christmas.  Or exhausts you, which is good because then the mind can stop enough to get sleep.


It’s all about a plan and then enough focus to see that plan through.  We are Fire & Ice this year. . .and the village is making an appearance for the first time in three years.  I love the village but being a perfectionist and hiding wiring is mind boggling.  I’ll get there, but I’m not there, yet.


We bought an artificial tree a few years ago deeming it “time” because we are now old and can’t hoist a big, real tree.  Now we hoist a big fake tree.  I wired the lights on myself and we have a great color-coded pipe cleaner method of plugging part blue into part blue, part orange into part orange, etc.  Except it didn’t work this year.  Whoopee!  Half of the lights on the midsection were out.  We fiddled and farted and almost shouted at each other but mostly because one didn’t know the other had “tried that” a dozen times.  No trust at all. . .like that old saying, “In God we trust, all others pay cash.”  So we paid cash for a new string of lights and wove them in the remaining dark spots and voila.  Done and done!


Decorating for Christmas is the great equalizer.  I think the very first task they should give the new president elect, is to untangle Christmas lights without breaking the bulbs or throwing them out the window.   Talk about a test of endurance!  Then they should hand him an ornament without a hook and give him the hermetically sealed, perforated cardboard package and have him pull just one hook out of it.  “Go!  Mr. Man!  Prove your nettle by tackling the mundane that affects us all.”  Hah!  As if. . .


I’m busy on Tuesday, getting a haircut on Wednesday, my new kitchen appliances come on Thursday and I’m hosting a tea party for about a dozen water aerobics friends on Friday.  No pressure there.  Ha ha!  I work well with deadlines.  Himself?  Not so much. Poor guy, I’m running him ragged. . .er. . . keeping him young.  Yeah, that’s it.  Keeping him young.


The sun room, living room and half of the dining room are done.  I decided to stop for the day because I’m getting cranky.  I have to finish the village and do the kitchen.  If they don’t get done, cest la vie.   But they will, because. . . I love decorating. . . I love decorating. . .I love decorating. . .I love decorating. . .

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