Heartprint Moment


Monday, November 21, 2016

Today I am grateful for a true “Bing! Heartprint!” moment.  We went to our grandsons soccer game last Saturday and the weather couldn’t have been more spectacular.  People were leaving their jackets in the car or flipping them off and tossing them to the ground later.


It was a perfect day for folks to bring their puppies along because it wasn’t too hot for them in the sun and it wasn’t too cold for the pads on their little feet.  Watching a little girl in a pink dress chasing around all over the place asking if anyone had a paper cup they didn’t need, I wondered what she wanted it for.


When I saw her hunkering down to give the black and white pup, whom she had just met, a drink, I nearly bawled.  Such innocence.  Such joy.  Such kindness.  A true “Bing!  Hearprint!”  moment.


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