Monday, November 14, 2016

Today I am grateful for decisions.  Last week the garbage disposal died.  Next was the clothes dryer.  Then yesterday the washer decided to croak with a full load of wet sheets and other clothes.  Oh swell.  The election aside, these have not been happy days.


We dragged the dripping load to the laundromat.  The lady who works there understood my plight when I shared that now the washer had also died.  “It went to visit the rest of our dead appliances in the sky.”


Enough with second hand, we decided.  We headed straight out to HHGreg for a look ‘n see.  Big sale.  Talked about other appliances currently in or nearing hospice.  Thought we’d buy a full kitchen.  Came home.  Did research.  Went to Lowes.  No zero percent financing.  Found out there that brand we were looking at is crap.  Called my sister to research.  Her daughter confirmed.  Crap.  Oh crap.  Went to another Lowe’s. Asked the man about the brand.  “Want the truth?” he asked.  Yup.  Not good.  Crap.

Back to HHGreg.  Told the guy.  Cancelled the kitchen idea.  Bought a washer and dryer.  General Electric, energy star.  They arrive on Friday.  Zero % financing for 24 months.  Even we can afford that.


In the past week I seem to have lost the ability to put together complete sentences.  But I found a tension pain between my shoulders and arms that is taking my mind off of it.  Except it seems to come back if I spend too much time on Facebook or watching the news.  Since I post on Facebook this presents a problem.


I feel as though my funny bone has been temporarily misplaced.  If you don’t hear from me every day for a while, don’t panic.  I’m coping the best I can.  And I’m not fond of that tension pain between my shoulders.  So I’d rather stay silent than inundate people with my opinion, which many might be sick of already.


Maybe I’ll grab a bottle of vodka and sit Shiva with the washer and dryer.  Can’t hurt.


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