Election Day Observations


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today I am grateful for Election Day observations.  Himself and I just got back from voting.  I leave soon to work some phones, but I couldn’t do so without listing my observations.


  1. We have never waited in line before to vote. We were in line for one hour and twenty minutes.
  2. Although the line and wait was excruciating, mostly because of some disorganization, no one minded. ALL were grateful for the large turnout.
  3. I have never witnessed so many elderly, physically handicapped, Asian, Hispanic, Black voters at my polling place.
  4. There were dozens and dozens of first-time voters, anxious to express their opinion through voting.
  5. It might be time to get some younger blood at the sign-in desks. Some of these people, although they might have been doing it for 40 years, should pass the torch.  Many cannot hear a name, or see a name listed in the book.
  6. Although not necessary if you have voted before, putting your ID in front of the person looking for your name expedites the process. . .if they can’t hear. If they can’t see, either, best to say and show your name.  (See number 5)
  7. I learned that as long as you are in a line to vote by 8 p.m., you will not be turned away. The polls remain open until all people who were in line on time have voted.


I have never before in my life felt that voting was more important than it was today.

I might have even shed a tear.  I hope I’m not shedding more tomorrow.  VOTE!  Please!  Exercise your right to complain about our elected officials.  Voting is not just your right, or your privilege . . .it is your responsibility.  But be prepared to stand in line.  Pack a picnic.  It’s worth the wait.  And I thank you.


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