Honesty & Support


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Today I am grateful for honesty and support.  Two big ones.  Even though Himself turned 81 today, he helped me prepare for the reading tonight of my new play, “Yanking the Spanx!”  What a gem he is.  Although I threw one soup together before I left, while I was at the pool teaching little kids to swim,  he cleaned bathrooms and made Taco Soup.  I think he might have been as excited as I was to hear the play out loud.


I am a very, very lucky woman.  My friends did not hesitate for one minute when I asked them to give of their time and read the play so I could hear it in another voice.  Two of my friends and Himself even sat as listeners.  Written words don’t come to life until someone else reads them, but that’s especially true for a play.  It is nothing without an audience.


The best, the very best, was the honesty with which they gave their comments when the reading was over.  No pussyfooting around with this bunch!  If a section was boring, then boring it was, without the candy coating.  I’m so glad.  I expect nothing less.  And I knew it, too.  I could feel it when it was being read.   If they would not have been honest about the glitches I never would be able to believe them when they told me what they liked.


Honesty and support are vital elements for any success.  Thank you Betty, Linda, Hope, Marie, David, Marie (the other one), and Himself!  Writing the play was a blast.

Now the real work starts.  Rewriting & editing!  Ain’t life grand?

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One Response to Honesty & Support

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Its hard to find a really honest and trustworthy person!! I’m sure this person, with imagination and love of life, is sure to be a winner!!!

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