Bad Selfies


Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Today I am grateful for bad selfies.  My granddaughter’s haul out their phones, point & click and voila, beautiful shots of them looking fantastic.  This shot of me?  Not so much.


Okay, to be truthful I didn’t even know I had taken this because I was doing my ride-around-holding-the-camera-out-the-window-and-take-pictures-of-whatever thing.  When I down loaded them from my new-used camera I realized I have a little adjustment to do with my wrist position.  They pics were so cockeyed that when I went through them fast to see what needed to be deleted, I got motion sickness.


Then I saw this “selfie” and got photo remorse sickness.  How in the world did my mom get in my car?  Why was she driving?  And she was in the bathroom mirror the other day, too.  Geeze, give it a rest!  I love my mom.  I would just prefer that she keep her own face and stop trying to give it to me. . .especially in a bad selfie!

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One Response to Bad Selfies

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    I am so laughing at this. I hate my selfies also. I think my Mom is looking back at me.

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