Throwback Thursday

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Today I am grateful for Throwback Thursday.  Didjamissme?  My play is done, printed, copied, put in folders and in the hands of the wonderful women who will read it out loud for me next Tuesday.  Whew!


Now I’m shaking in my boots.  Words, when I’m writing them, are my friends.  I love them.  But now I will have to wait to see if I have written what I hope I have.  That’s a very unnerving feeling, yet it doesn’t take away from my joy of writing.  Ask me if I still feel the same way next week. . .after the reading.  Ha-ha, I think.


I am exhausted from writing and copying and worrying.  Himself did another magic show today and I confess I am all done being the roady-grunt for a while.  Geeze that’s like moving a couple of times a month!  Yes, he was brilliant.


It tore me up looking for a picture of my dad in that tutu for my mom’s story a few days ago.  I must have a bazillion pictures in my storage room upstairs, but nothing recent because those are all in the computer.  Yet there is something very nostalgic (throwback) about flipping through old photo albums.


I was thin. . .yet thought I was fat.  What a blow that was!  I think I might have become a self-fulfilled prophesy.  Yeah me.  Go figure.  I also think I might have been a little pretty, yet never felt it.  Actually I feel more attractive now than I did back then, when I was.  Holy smokes.  Send me straight to therapy!


My boys were adorable.  Okay, they still are but in very different ways.  But they really were the cutest kids ever!  Especially when I dressed them for Halloween, way back in the day, during the “lean” years, when a costume had to come from my closet, their closet, or cost less than two bucks at the thrift store and about 12 hours work from me.


The clown is Matt, the Bag ‘o Laundry is Packy (Patrick).  Bag ‘o Laundry?  That must have been a very, very lean year!  He was dirty laundry, even.  I wrote “Wash Me” on his cheeks.  Geeze.  The other picture sports Packy (Patrick) as a Hobo and big brother Matt as a Ghost. . .or something.  Throwback Thursday?  You two can head for therapy, too.  I’ll meet you there!  You’re welcome!

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One Response to Throwback Thursday

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Read your five (5) blogs – All were sooooooooooo terrific!!!! I can fathom you (the crazy one) but, himself blew me away…and, the kids?!?!? what a blast they must have had>>>>> GREAT!!!

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