Autumn Has Arrived


Monday, October 24, 2016

Today I am grateful that Autumn has finally arrived.  Now I can breathe and move around without sweating to death.  Now I don’t have to change clothes every time I come into the house.  Now I can get into the car without bitching about how hot it is. Now I can open a window. . . and close it if it’s too cool.  Oh bliss!


Himself is already getting out the flannel-lined pants and comfy quilts to wrap up in because he can’t stand the cold.  He even wore the alpaca socks to bed the other night.  But me?  I’m feeling energized from the cool air.


We wanted to get up to the Poconos to enjoy the colors but I’m afraid by the time we do there will be no more leaves.  So I’m appreciating every rusty/orangy/reddy/yellowy leaf that still hangs on the trees here, or blows past my windows.  And I don’t have to rake because we pay an association fee to have that done for us.  Yippee!  Autumn has arrived!  Oh. . .and tomorrow and Wednesday I am putting the finishing touches on the play, “Yanking the Spanx!”, so if there is no blog posted, that’s why!  Don’t panic.

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