In Memoriam, by guest columnist June Jens, 90 years old today.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Today I am grateful for my mom’s 90th year on this earth.  Today is her birthday, so it seems very appropriate to share the latest “guest columnist” piece which she recently sent me.  I searched through old pictures for two hours and can’t find the one of him dressed as she describes, but it was a hoot.  Long blond wig and all!  Use your imagination.


From June:_______________________________________________


In Memoriam, by June Jens

We have fond memories, right?  Well I have one I’d like to share with you. It’s Halloween season, right?  A fun time for young and old.


The nightclub my husband, Willie and I always went to was having a Halloween Party.  I started thinking about costumes.  Just in fun I said to my husband, “You should be very different this hear.  Why don’t I dress you up as a ballerina?”  Amazingly and to my astonishment, he agreed!!!  I couldn’t believe it.


So I dyed his long underwear pink.  After all, who ever saw a ballerina with hair on her chest?  I made him a big fluffy pink tu-tu.  Then we went and picked out a wig!


When we got home, he went down to his workshop in the basement.  After a while he came up with a wand, with a star on the end of it, declaring, “I’ll be Tinkerbell!”


When we went to the party I told him, “Don’t talk!”  He had such a profoundly low voice he would be recognized.  Things went well. . .until he brought out his pipe and lit it. . .then everyone knew who Tinkerbell was.  It was so much fun.


I went dressed as a witch.  He said that it was appropriate. (Very funny.)  I almost hit him with my broom!


We would have been married 70 years this year. . .but that still remains one of my favorite memories of Willie. . .whoops. . .I mean Tinkerbell!

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