Rental Dog Clay

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Today I am grateful for yet another rental dog.  Clay’s mom dropped him by this afternoon and he is, at this moment, lying on the floor next to Himself, getting his belly rubbed.  When he stops petting, Clay pops up to nuzzle his ear. . .a not-too-subtle reminder that the dog NEEDS more petting.  It’s okay.  With our schedules, that’s more action than Himself gets from me these days so everyone is happy.


I had almost no sleep last night following the debacle/debate. . .what with swelling like a blow fish from the ridiculous amount of barbecue potato chips I consumed and also from being half hammered from the vodka to go with the chips.  Man.  If this election isn’t over soon I’m going to need an intervention!  Or two.  Maybe three, because I should not be allowed to watch the news in the evening, either.  Keeps me up with angst and irritation.


So I’m going to pass todays blog to the latest rental dog, Clay, who is obviously the most abused dog on the universe.  One of the pictures is a little fuzzy, but that tail is wagging so fast, I couldn’t resist posting it anyway.

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