Service Dogs


Monday, October 17, 2016

Today I am grateful for service dogs.  My niece has a serious vision problem and has been declared legally blind.  She has a service dog which she has trained herself and could give you all of the do’s and don’ts of approaching someone whose dog is on the job.  And she’s done a fantastic job at it, but then she is practically an All-Animal-Whisperer.


A long time ago when I was a property manager assistant, I was in the main lobby delivering something to another office when a woman came in with a service mini horse. . .wearing baby sneakers.  I’m not making this up.  A mini-horse.  You heard correctly.  When I went back to the office and told everyone they started sniffing my water bottle.


So I went back and sat next to the woman in the lobby with the mini horse.  I told her how interesting I found it. . .and no, I did not reach out and touch it.  I’ve been trained, too.  In general conversation I asked if it wasn’t a bit difficult to have a mini horse in the suburbs.  I wondered how they could be in the house to help, what with, well, horse-apples always looming.  She assured me that it went out much like a dog would.  Of course I asked about the sneakers.  Fashion?  Nope.  Safety for the mini horse.  Those hooves don’t fare well on tile, linoleum or hard wood floors.  Fascinating. . .sneakers and all.


At the Fall Festival at the Indian Valley YMCA yesterday, there was a demonstration of service dogs.  All rules for contact between the trainee’s and the public were suspended for the day.  The little boy in this picture was very grateful.  So was I.

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