Sunday, October 16, 2016

Today I am grateful for volunteers.  I have coordinated volunteers, worked with volunteers and been a volunteer many, many times.  Our nation was built on the generosity of the volunteers.


Every school counts on volunteers.  Every organization depends on volunteers during large events and fund raisers.  Volunteers are as valuable as money. . .maybe more valuable.  Okay, cash always helps, but if you can’t afford to donate to the many causes you find worthwhile, consider volunteering instead.  Your time is important, too. That’s what we’ve been doing.


Today Himself did a volunteer magic show for the Fall Festival at the Indian Valley YMCA where we both spend most of each week.  Schlepping and hauling and setting up and breaking down that magic show is no small task.  Before we even got there Himself was exhausted from dragging everything up from the basement and loading the car.


When we got there we learned that our room had been changed, which meant we parked on the exact wrong side of the building.  Another volunteer, Fran, hooked us up and within seconds we had two carts and three strong teenagers. . .volunteers. . .to help us squeeze through the crowd to the room where the show would be held.  I don’t know what we would have done without them. . .or Fran.


When I saw her later and wanted to take her picture she insisted it be with the big dog.  “But he’s way over there,” she said.  We shared a moment about moving our aching feet one more inch than was necessary, then plunged forth.  I have no idea what time she arrived at the Y but by noon it had already been a long day, I’m sure.  For all of us.


I’m happy to say that not only the magic show, but also the entire event was a HUGE success!  The staff were pleasant and wonderful as always.  No one was cranky.  Unless I left before the crankies started but I doubt it.  And, as usual, the volunteers ruled the day, with Fran being my particular hero.  Way to go everyone!  Celebrate your success!

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3 Responses to Volunteers

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Well said. It was a beautiful day and many people came to enjoy the different events. I didn’t see any frowns on anybody.

    Sent from my iPad. Now go and make it a good day”


  2. marymooney says:

    And the weather couldn’t have been better, which might have helped the smiles.

  3. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Again, ditto to the weather and the volunteers – The dancers were very good and the animals friendly – vendors were anxious to show their wares, etc., etc., etc., Magic John left all of us feeling GRREAT!!!! mab

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